Research articles for the 2020-05-09

Financial Status of the Population at National Level in the Context of Current Challenges
Manta, Otilia,Militaru, Iuliana,FOLCUT, Ovidiu
In the context of the current challenges, the measures and solutions proposed at national, European and / or global level, we consider that they must be based on data series on a factual situation. In our case, the purpose pursued in this paper is given by the realization of an image graphically represented, with multiannual coverage (2007-2018), of the evolution of the financial indicators of the population. Moreover, the essential objective of perspective consists in establishing the basic pillars of the concentrated picture of the financial indicators of the population in terms of the achieved values of the absolute primary indicators, on the basis of which the values of the relevant relative indicators characterizing the financial status of the population have been calculated, with influence on the potential and performance of the national economy. From the developments presented in this paper, we consider that the decisions regarding the programs addressed to the population can be based on these indicators related to the financial status of the population.